How Does Extra Trips Read My Odometer?

Extra Trips reads your odometer using the official Tesla API. This method is more secure than other Tesla apps because Extra Trips never gains access to your email address or password, and the app only access to a very limited set of data.

To get an accurate reading of your odometer and update your trip meters, your Tesla vehicle needs to be awake and connected to the internet (Extra Trips will prompt you to wake up your car if it's asleep).

What Data Is Extra Trips Requesting To Access?

Vehicle Information: Access to your vehicle information, including data such as your vehicle's live data, location, eligible upgrades, nearby superchargers, ownership, and service scheduling data.

The data Extra Trips currently uses in the is: a list of vehicles associated with your account, odometer reading, VIN, and vehicle name, all other information listed under Vehicle Information is not requested or ignored.

What Data Is Extra Trips NOT Requesting To Access?

Extra Trips does NOT have access to the following information:

Profile Information: Access to your profile information, including data such as your contact information, profile picture, and referral information.

Vehicle Commands: Access to your vehicle commands, including commands such as add/remove driver, access Live Camera, unlock, wake up, remote start, and schedule software

Vehicle Charging Management: Access to your vehicle charging management, including data such as your vehicle charging history, billed amount, charging location, commands to schedule, and start/stop charging.

Energy Product Information: Access to your energy product information for Powerwall and solar, including data such as energy flow history, saving forecast, tariff rates, grid import, calendar, site status, time of use, and ownership

Energy Product Commands Access to your energy product commands for Powerwall and solar, including commands such as updates to storm mode and off-grid charging reserve.

You can revoke Extra Trips' access to your account at any time, either in the app or by signing into your Tesla account.

How Do I Remove Access to My Tesla Account?