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Extra Trips is a new iOS app for Tesla owners that enables users to create an unlimited number of trip meters to better track their mileage. Going beyond simple trip meters, Extra Trips allows users to pause, resume, or complete trips, and create segments within a trip, enabling more accurate mileage tracking within one trip meter, e.g., creating a new segment for each day of a road trip to see how much was driven each day, as well as the total distance.


Teslas Suck! Just kidding about the first part, but their trip meters do leave much to be desired. Despite all Teslas having large touchscreen displays and essentially being computers on wheels, owners can only create two trip meters (A + B). Once they complete a trip, they have to take a photo of the screen and reset the meter to remember the distance of, for example, a road trip. Additionally, Tesla owners use their "B Trip" meter as a "Lifetime" meter to track the total energy used by their car over its lifetime, leaving only one trip meter for actual mileage tracking.

As a Tesla owner, this has frustrated me for years. I often go on road trips and would like to remember how far I drove, so I decided to stop waiting for Tesla to address the issue and instead created Extra Trips.

Moreover, while there are other well-known iOS apps that offer more advanced trip tracking, including creating maps of where you have driven, they all seem to use the unauthorized Tesla API by "pretending" to be the official app, mimicking its API calls to get data about your car. This means giving a third-party app/server full access to your Tesla vehicle and Tesla account, allowing them to retrieve data on your car and even control it without your permission. It's also difficult to revoke this access without changing your Tesla password. As a user, I'm not comfortable with this, which is why I don't use these apps.


Extra Trips uses the official Tesla API to check a vehicle's odometer. This means that users only have to grant very limited access to the app (e.g., it can't control their vehicle in any way), and they can easily revoke access to the app at any time, either in the app or on their Tesla account.

Key Features

  • Unlimited Trip Meters: Say goodbye to being limited to just two trip meters. With Extra Trips, users can track an unlimited number of journeys, from the mundane to the extraordinary.

  • All Your Teslas in One App: Extra Trips allows Tesla owners to add and manage all their vehicles on a single platform, simplifying how mileage and trips are tracked.

  • Sub-Trip Segmentation: This feature introduces a new level of detail in journey tracking, allowing users to create segments of their trips for better analysis and documentation.

  • Full Control Over Your Trips: With the ability to pause, resume, and complete trips at will, Extra Trips puts the power back in the hands of the driver, making trip tracking effortless.

  • Data Exportation: Offering unparalleled data control, users can export their journey details in user-friendly formats (CSV, JSON), making data sharing and analysis more accessible than ever.

  • At-a-Glance Odometer Tracking: Keeping tabs on your Tesla‚Äôs mileage is now easier and more accurate, with all odometer readings accessible in one convenient location.


Extra Trips is free to download and use but offers a limited feature set (e.g., users can only create a limited number of trips). There is a one-time/lifetime in-app purchase for $8.99 USD that enables every feature in the app.


The app is available for pre-order now and will be available for download on April 9th, 2024.

However, if you would like to test it early, you can download it now on TestFlight (


I'm Andy, an indie iOS app developer from New Zealand and also the creator of Wall Monitor, another popular app for Tesla Wall Connectors. You can find more information about me here.

I've included a Press Kit download that contains a bunch of useful information about the app, as well as high-resolution images that you are welcome to use.