How to Access and View Tesla Odometers And Trip Meters?

screenshot of Tesla in car trip meters and odometer

To access and view the odometer on your Tesla, follow these steps:

Primary Odometer

Navigate to the "Controls" menu by tapping the car icon at the bottom-left of the screen. Then, select the "Software" tab. Underneath the vehicle image, you'll find the primary odometer reading along with other vehicle details.

Trip Odometers

To access trip odometers, go to Controls > Trips on the car's screen. Here, you'll find "Trip A" and "Trip B," which can be renamed or reset to track specific metrics like energy usage, distance driven, and efficiency during trips.

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Current Trip

Tesla vehicles feature a "Current Trip" odometer that resets after each drive. This odometer tracks metrics such as distance traveled, average energy usage, and time spent driving. It can be reset manually by tapping the "Reset Current Trip" button on the screen.

Since Last Charge Odometer

Tesla vehicles also track distance traveled and energy used since the last charge, providing insight into your typical charge cycle or average energy usage. This odometer can only be reset by charging the vehicle.

Viewing Odometer Using the Mobile App

screenshot of offical Tesla app with odometer displayed

You can view the primary odometer on the Tesla mobile app by scrolling to the bottom of the app interface. However, only the primary odometer is displayed in the app, and trip odometers are not available.

Accessing Trip Cards

Tesla Model 3 and Model Y vehicles offer trip cards, which provide quick access to trip meters and tire pressure information. To access trip cards, swipe left on the mini music player controls. You can choose between the music player, trip cards, and tire pressure cards.

Customizing Trip Meters

You can choose up to four trip meters to display on the Trips card by navigating to Controls > Trips and selecting "Show in Trips Card" for each meter you'd like to display. Note that trip cards are not available in Model S and Model X vehicles.

Using Extra Trips App for Additional Trip Meters

screenshot of extra trips app

For users looking to expand their trip meter capabilities beyond the default options provided by Tesla, Extra Trips offers a solution. Extra Trips allows users to add unlimited trip meters, breaking free from the constraints of standard trip meter limitations. Users can track as many journeys as they like, from daily commutes to extraordinary adventures, and dive deeper into their travels with features like sub-trip segmentation for more detailed tracking and analysis. With Extra Trips, users can enhance their driving experience, document their journeys, and gain valuable insights into their travel habits like never before.

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